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ArmadilloCon Schedule and Tattooed Librarians

Someone had asked, and yes, it's absolutely fine to friend me. I may not friend you back, because I don't do a huge amount of reading on LJ anymore. Oh, and my writing question posts are here.

And I'm also on Dreamwidth at

ArmadilloCon Schedule August 14-16, in Austin, TX.

I'll be there Friday, but I'll be one of the teachers at the writers workshop, so I'll be in that all day.

Sa1100DW City Building
Sat 11:00 AM-Noon deWitt
R. Rogers, S. Lynch, M. Wells, S. Shinn, V. Docherty, J. L. Blaschke*
Creating a city that both works for your story, and makes sense for the world it is in.

Sat 12:00 Autographing

Sa1300R Reading
Sat 1:00 PM-1:30 PM Robertson
Martha Wells

Sa1700DW Religion and Mysticism in SF/F
Sat 5:00 PM-6:00 PM deWitt
J. Vinge, K. D. Wentworth, P. Benjamin, S. Lynch, M. Wells*, M. Cardin

Su1000DZ If I Knew Then What I Know Now
Sun 10:00 AM-11:00 AM deZavala
J. Vinge, E. Moon, L. S. Carl*, M. Wells, D. Webb


Also: Tattooed Librarians The Texas Library Association is selling a 2010 calendar called “The Tattooed Ladies of TLA.” Twenty-one librarians show off their tats over 18 months. The calendar is a fundraiser to assist libraries that are still recovering from damage caused by hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

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"We went to town to see
"That old tattooed lydie
"She was a sight to see
"Tattooed from 'ed to knee."

Oops. Sorry. I'll go away now.

Heh. I... um, never asked. ^^;; Then again, I was rather surprised to find I had a decent number of people who'd friended me even though I primarily use the Looniewolf site to reply to other people's journals (and also as a backup for the review site).

Those panels sound rather interesting, especially the one about city building and the one on religion and mysticism in science fiction/fantasy.

You know, once again they didn't put me on the world (or in this case city) building panel though I asked...I don't get no respect. At least I get to sit at the autographing table with you...even though I said I didn't want an autographing session.

Why yes, I may be a little miffed. But still looking forward to seeing you.

I'm looking forward to seeing you too! At least at the autographing we'll have time to sit down and talk.

Drat. My sched seems to have changed since I first checked it (or I'm losing my mind); I will not be sharing an autograph hour with you. Foo.

Ditto drat. We definitely need to try to go to lunch or dinner this time.

Hope ya'll have a great con!

If you want to say hi to me, I'll be in the Art Show all weekend.

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