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tinpra asked: How hard, or not, is it for you to do the first round of editing after you've finished a story? Do you follow any sort of schedule?

It's not hard at all, because I like doing revisions and editing. I usually edit and revise pretty continuously as I'm writing the first draft. After the book is done, then I'll do some revision based on the comments of the beta readers. With my last book, arcaedia gave me some great suggestions, and I did a revision to incorporate those. I don't follow any real schedule. And I'm also a very quick reviser. It usually only takes me a couple of weeks, if that.

I'm still taking writing questions here.


oldcharliebrown posted some shout-outs with neat covers: Women of Wonder: the Classic Years and Women of Wonder: the Contemporary Years both edited by Pamela Sargent, collections of stories by women science fiction writers. And Dark Matter: Reading the Bones, Speculative Fiction from the African Diaspora, edited by Sheree R. Thomas.

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…but here I am, watching last night's Warehouse 13, and who shows up but Joe Flannigan! Oh, how I miss Stargate Atlantis.

Re: Totally Off-Topic…

Me too, I miss it so much! None of the new shows are going to be able to replace it, for me.

Okay, then I have a question: how do you stop revising when you're writing the first draft? I seem to have only two modes:

1. Editing editing editing editing, to the extent that I can spend a couple hours "writing" and add maybe 100 actual new words.

2. Totally ignoring all that has gone before and writing at top speed, even though it means later I will have to do things such as figure out how my characters got from the car to the sofa without apparently ever getting off the freeway.

So I'm curious to know how you can revise continuously as you're writing without getting totally lost in it. (And by "curious," I mean "desperate." I hate writing in the the second mode, but it's the only way I get any done.)

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