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I got a few questions, so I'll be taking them in order, probably doing one a day, through the weekend of WorldCon where everyone is having fun without us.

elanid asked: What is the first part of a story that typically comes to you, if there's any trend to it? And how much information do you need to have before you start writing?

I don't think there is any trend to it. Sometimes I have an idea of the main character I want to write, and I come up with the story and the world that that character would fit into. Sometimes I have a feel for the world I want the story to be in and I come up with the character to match it. The kind of story I want to tell generally comes bundled up with the world or the character.

Before I start writing, I have to have the idea for the opening scene, the first line, and generally a vague idea of the ending I'm going for. Sometimes I know more of the plot than that, but sometimes I just build it as I go along.

Still taking writing questions.


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