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malimar asked: When you write a story about other people's characters, do you do anything special to make sure you know the characters well enough to write them? Do you ever worry that you'll never know the deepest minds of the characters as well as their original creators do?

Well, when I wrote the SGA characters, I was already familiar with the world from watching SG-1 for seven or eight years, and I had already watched the first season of SGA without knowing I'd be writing a book for it. (I got the book contract not long after the first season finished and I had finished writing it before the second season started.) I started taping the repeats so I could watch the episodes over and over again. (The show had grabbed me from the beginning, but I hadn't taped it before because I knew I'd be buying the DVD sets later, but they weren't out yet.)

I think all you can do is watch the show with a lot of attention, and try to put in as much of the actors' performances and interpretations and the writers' characterization as you possibly can. It's still going to be subjective; all characterization is subjective. It's an exploration that's going to change over time, just like with original characters.

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Happy birthday, jess_ka!!!


We saw Julie & Julia last night, and Julia Child is fabulous! ETA: to clarify, it's a wonderful movie, totally worth it for the sections with Julia Child. I started out liking Julie Powell, but by the end I thought she was a whiny self-absorbed lobster-killer. Seriously. I heard her book sucks, too. Must get My Life in France by Julia Child immediately.

I also read Royal Flush by Rhys Bowen. It's a mystery set in 1932, with the main character Georgianna, who is the daughter of a duke, 34th in line for the throne, and penniless. I liked it, especially that most of it takes place in Scotland at Rannoch and Balmoral, and you see a lot more of the cast of characters from the first book. I thought it should have been a bit longer, though, and I still like the first book, Her Royal Spyness the best.

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Thanks for the HBs!

So, no on Julie & Julia? I was thinking of seeing it this afternoon...

No, it's a wonderful movie, totally worth it for the sections with Julia Child. Just by the end, I really disliked Julie, event though the movie tried to be as fair as possible to her.

We saw Julie & Julia last night, and Julia Child is fabulous!

This. I would've loved 100% more time spent on Julia Child (and Meryl Streep acting her ass off) than on the other part. As much as I like Amy Adams, she couldn't rescue a character I ended up having little sympathy for. Thoroughly enjoyed the movie in spite of that, though.

Yeah, I would have loved if had just been a Julie Child bio, basically. I liked Amy Adams too, but she had a hard row to hoe, there. The contrast between Julia Child slaving for more than eight years on her book, and Julie Powell getting handed success and fame on a great big silver platter after a year of blog-writing, was huge.

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