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toliver asked: While you are writing something that you hope will be published, do you also write "for fun" things at the same time? Meaning, bits/stories you know will never see the light of day but you write it for yourself, just for fun or other reasons. Do you have several stories going at once (for publishing) and turn to the others when you need to think about something different? Does that help your process?

Yes, I usually do. It helps me to keep writing even when I'm stuck on whatever my main project is. I also still have a lot of "I can't do this" issues to overcome. Those are basically when you sit down and look at the blank page and think "I can't do this" and it really doesn't matter how many times you've done it before or how far you are into the book or story. ("I can't do this" is one of the many manifestations of Impostor Syndrome.) So it helps me to have other things I'm working on to poke at, because once I get moving on one thing, I'm more likely to be able to get moving on the others.

Another way to get past the "I can't do this" mental block point is to always try to stop during a scene or at a point where you know what needs to be written next, so when it's time to work on it again you have some built-in writing momentum.

Still taking writing questions here.

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Wow great timing, thanks for this.

My thing is technical procedures. I have written standard operating procedures hundreds of times. Revised them thousands of times, I am currently stuck in that...I can't do this phase.

I have to look at this facility differently, get into these guys heads and figure out how this will work and how to make it make sense in this academic culture.

banging head on desk ...a lot.

Hope this helps! It's amazing how mental blocks like that can sneak up on you, no matter how long you've been doing the same type of project.

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