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scottedelman has a link and pictures of the books found in the place where Jaycee Lee Dugard was held captive for 18 years -- most were sf/fantasy. It's very eerie, to see books there by people you know.

texanfan asked: What is your favorite thing (book or short story) that you have written and why?

Of the published books, I think I'd have to say The Ships of Air. I'd wanted to use the Queen Mary as a setting in a fantasy novel for years, since I first went there in the early 90s. And it was the first time I'd written a direct sequel, so that was a fun experience, being able to start with an already established world and get deeper into all the relationships and characters. And I really loved those characters. And the plot involved exploring a new world to a certain extent, which is something I really like to write. There was just a lot of fun stuff I wanted to do in that world that I finally got a chance to do in that book.

Still taking writing questions here.

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The trilogy is my favorite of your books. I love those characters and the relationships between them. If you could write more books about Tremaine, Gileas, Ileas, & Nicholas you would make me very very happy. Or even a prequel about Gerard's nefarious past....

Thanks, I'm glad you liked them! I wanted to write more too, but the books didn't do well enough for the publisher, so they aren't interested in publishing any more of them.

I am sorry to hear that the Ile-Rien trilogy "didn't do well enough". Argh! I did my part: a copy of each in hardback and at least one copy each of the paperbacks. Fangirl confession--you are one of a handful of authors who are on my "buy immediately in hardback" list.

Thanks, I really appreciate that!

That just kills me and makes me want to cry. I got Black Gate just for your stories. DAMN.

That's a shame about Ile-Rien series. I love it too!

I agree it's a serious shame the books didn't "do better" in the publisher's eyes but I'm now super excited that the book I'm about to start on is your favorite.

I'm glad I didn't post any spoilers! ;)

Happy birthday! I hope you're having an aweseome day, and doing something nice for yourself. ;)

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