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Save the Dragons Dave Freer is posting a new novel online to raise part of the money needed to get his family pets (four dogs and cats, mostly rescues) through quarantine when his family moves to Australia. You can help stopping by, checking out the novel, donating if you can, and spreading the word.

The Google Book Search Opt in or Opt out Deadline is Today so authors can decide if they want to be screwed by Google now or screwed by Google later.

From Web Urbanist: 7 Most Remote Abandoned Wonders

I finally got a new hand brace, which is helping with my hand pain quite a bit. The old one wore out so slowly it took me a while to realize it actually wasn't doing that much anymore.

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I opted out, but I'm still a bit confused by the entire thing. Wish I'd heard about it earlier, so I could have done all the reading before I made the decision (in the end, I followed the lead of those whose business acumen I admire, and I guess we'll see.)

Yeah, it is very confusing, and having to make the decision with the law suits still out there doesn't help. I don't think we'll get the final word on this for quite a while.

The web urbanist link is fascinating, but I'm confused as to how they can possibly claim that half of the world's most remote abandoned places still have people living in them.

I'll hope the new one helps ;o)

Thanks. I think it's definitely better for my wrist, and that's got to help the rest of my hand, too.

Very nice summary of the Google mess.

It occurs to me that the authors who will get the biggest screwing are the lesser-known ones who have less resources to take on the likes of Google, and who are thus almost forced to opt in as the only way to protect their works. The fact that the terms of the settlement don't clearly define the right to not have your work included if you opt-out - Google have only 'volunteered' that they will uphold any requests and are not under any obligations to honour this if they find it too bothersome later on. If I was a writer, morally I'd want to opt out. But then faced with the possible - maybe even probable - need to sue Google later when they don't comply with requests to remove's almost a non-option for most writers.

It's a shame Google couldn't bother themselves to get the permission first because the Book Search itself isn't a bad idea.

The stuff you post from places like the Web Urbanist is really interesting. I've realised that I've barely ever commented on these links before. Sorry about that. Thanks for sharing those.

Yeah, that's pretty much it. A lot of the new model for releasing books free online only works for authors who are already popular, who will get a lot of buzz on popular blogs, etc, which translates into sales. Normal midlist writers (like me) just aren't going to get that kind of attention.

Thanks, I need to keep remembering to check Web Urbanist and those other sites, they always seem to have something pretty cool.

I don't know that I agree on the terribleness of the Google Books Settlement, but I do wish it weren't a settlement and instead had been wrought fully through the courts to set a real precedent of some sort about the limits of Fair Use.

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