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scott_lynch on Touched by a Crazy Person: I like how you capitalized AUTHOR, like it's glaringly obvious that everyone who ever sells a book receives a deed to a Scrooge McDuck money bin in the mail the next day.

The craziest email I got was more weird than annoying. Someone wrote me telling me that he knew I was really a pseudonym for Barbara Hambly, and that I should just admit it and stop pretending. At first I thought he didn't mean it seriously, that it was a joking compliment. So I replied that no, I wasn't Barbara Hambly, but thanks for comparing me to her, etc. Then he got angry, and sent a long email proving categorically that I was Barbara Hambly and I needed to stop lying about it and couldn't fool him, and so on. That got sort of scary.

Then there was the guy who told me I couldn't write about necromancers because it was his religion. Okey dokey, then.

On a lighter note, Jim Hines' Twenty Neil Gaiman Facts

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The thing about crazy people is that you can't reason with them. You just can't. Logic goes right over their heads (hence the crazy). *g*

The unnerving part is when you don't realize they're crazy at first! :)

I once got an e-mail from a girl who said my stories were exactly the same as dreams she'd had. She worried that they were real and we were both somehow seeing this strange world.

Whoa. I'm glad I've never gotten one like that.

There were subtle differences between us, but she had fascinating dreams. I tried, without success, to explain archetypes and parallel development to her.

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Or maybe you are the necromancer and she is just a zombie you reanimated...yea thats the ticket.

Well, that would certainly explain why you and Barbara Hambly have never been photographed together!

We might have been, I've been on panels with her a few times.

(He also thought the author photo of me was a fake, that hers was the real one. I think. It might have been the other way around.)

If I'm not mistaken, you and Barbara Hambly were both in Austin at WFC a few years ago, weren't you?

Not the most recent one; I was at a convention in France that weekend. We've been on panels together at ArmadilloCon and AggieCon a few times, though, and maybe at the WFC in Corpus Christi.

Now all you need is a picture of you two together ;o)

Oh, come on, Barbara, you can't fool us.

Just mark such e-mails as spam and move on...there are weird people out there.

I find interesting the comment that Martha can't write about Necromancers because that's the person's religion. Is he saying Martha can't write about them because she isn't a necromancer? How does he know? There are books in our house that would have gotten Martha burned at the stake 400 years ago. Several on necromancy and demonic invocation even. I think it's time we send Asmodeus on a house call ;)

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