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puddleshark asked: Question: I love the Ile-Rien books, but I came across them quite by chance - they never appeared in bookshops and were never promoted in the United Kingdom. What happens when books go out of print? Can the author regain the rights to sell them to another publisher?

Thank you! And basically, yes. Unless they're work for hire (like media tie-ins where the rights to the world/characters/etc are actually owned by someone else and only temporarily licensed to the publisher), if the book is no longer available anywhere, your agent can ask the publisher to return the rights to the author, so then you can try to resell it.

I've gotten the rights back to The Element of Fire, City of Bones, The Death of the Necromancer, and Wheel of the Infinite. The Fall of Ile-Rien trilogy is still technically in print, and is available on Amazon and B&, but it hasn't been in bookstores for quite a while and dealers at the cons I've gone in the past year have told me that it's nearly impossible to get copies from their distributors.

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In case any other canadian fans are still looking for them (And if so, why have they waited?), I've had luck finding them in Chapters in Canada when looking for them as gifts for others. While I love the more local McNally Robinson much better for getting obscure things in in the first place, if Chapters gets it at all, it seems to stay on the shelf much longer than anywhere else.

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