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The good news is it's been raining off and on for a few days, so the drought is finally over. (Now for flood season!) The bad news is that our outside pipe apparently really needs Rotorooter. Running water upstairs -- showers, toilets, etc -- cause the downstairs toilet to spontaneously back up. Yeah, it's not fun.

I'm hoping this isn't really expensive. (We considered faking a haunting to get Jason and Grant from Ghost Hunters down here. We could borrow a small child with acting skills to be attacked by the ghost to make it more urgent. (We already had an offer of a six year old who can probably pull it off.) We can tell them we don't want the neighbors to know the house is haunted so please bring the Rotorooter truck instead of the TAPS fan, and that the poltergeist seems to be manifesting in the sewer pipe.)

But today water started coming from the bolts holding the toilet to the floor, so yeah, I don't think we'll have time to wait.

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The rain is so very welcome, isn't it? I had a similar problem to yours last month that involved replacing drain lines; I hope the repair to yours is just an inexpensive roto-rooter. *fingers crossed*

Yeah, I'm really hoping it's just roots growing through the pipe again. We had to do this when we first moved into the house, and that was over twelve years ago, so it must be time for it again.

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Yeah, I've got my fingers crossed for this to be just a quick fix.


We need a new...something to do with the toilet. My husband let his brother fix our toilet back in March and it's still not working right. It leaks. We have a cannister catching the water, but if we forget to dump it out or (more usually) the cats get back there and move the cannister to drink out of it, we get water all over the floor. The problematic nature of that is compounded by the fact that my husband spontaneously decided to rip out the ugly old linoleum in the bathroom, also back in March, never mind that we cannot afford to have new flooring put in. So all we have is the wood underflooring. Which cannot be washed and into which water soaks and does not easily dry, so our bathroom smells like an outhouse and quite frankly I'm just waiting for the day the toilet falls through the floor because the wood has rotted around it. Yay plumbing problems! *headdesk*

I love your solution for your problem, though. Get to meet Jason and Grant AND get your pipes cleaned out: genius!

Augh! That's a really bad one.

I'm really hoping they don't have to do anything to the toilet itself, but I'm afraid they might have to unscrew it from the floor. That's not going to be pretty.

Yikes! If they just have to snake it, it shouldn't be too bad. I hope you don't have tree roots! If the problem is at the sidewalk or beyond, it's the city's responsibility so make sure to check that it's inside your property lines.

We've had the root problem before, where the pipe runs from the house across the backyard, so I think it's the same thing. (We last had it rotorootered about twelve or so years ago.) We've got a pipe snake, and it hasn't worked. It would be nice if it was something the city was responsible for, but I'm thinking the problem is a lot closer to the house.

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