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Albertson's was having a two for the price of one sale on pot roast, so we're having pot roast tonight. We'll probably be having leftover pot roast for some time, but that's a good thing, since there's a lot of things you can do with it, from open face sandwiches with gravy to enchiladas.

I keep noticing my daily word counts are always off by a day. I think this is partly to do with me forgetting to add a new day for the new word count and typing it into the previous day's word count instead, and partly because I am so lousy with numbers, that I can stare at an entry for 9/21/09 all day and not realize that this does not match the 9/22/09 on the calendar.

I finished reading Where Serpents Sleep by C.S. Harris, the latest in her series of mysteries. I think the best way to describe them is a mystery set in a Regency romance novel. I enjoyed this one, but the first part of the book was a little slow to develop compared to the earlier novels. Also, there are two mysteries, one about why the original murder victim left home and ended up in such terrible circumstances, and one about why she was killed. The one about why she left home is pretty obvious to the reader, if not to the characters, so it doesn't exactly draw you in. It's not until they get fairly well into the mystery of why she was killed that the book picks up. This one also seemed to have a few anachronisms in it that stood out a bit for me, a problem that I don't remember from the other books.

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Leftover pot roast also makes a great base for beef and barley soup too, especially since it's fast, cheap, and makes a ton of food.

Well, shoot. Maybe I should start reading Regency romance novels, because I really like the St. Cyr series. :-)

Shortly after Where Serpents Sleep, I read another period mystery called The Frightened Man, by Kenneth Cameron, which has similar themes but is set in late Victorian London rather than Regency. Usually it bothers me to read two books that are too close in subject, but in this case, I felt like Cameron's book had more depth because I'd just read Harris's.

You might also like the series by Tasha Alexander, which is also mystery/regency romance. The first one is And Only to Deceive, where the main character is trying to solve the mystery of her husband's death.

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