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The pot roast last night turned out very well. There will be sandwiches with gravy for lunch today, oh yes, there will.

I'm getting a fall check for the furnace today, because as cool as the weather has been, we might actually need it soon.

No news on the job front. Troyce has put in a lot of applications, but none of the positions stay posted long, which means there are tons of applicants.

art sites:

Charles Vess

One of my favorites: Thomas Canty here and here.

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Thomas Canty's art is wonderful! And I really love Charles Vess.

Fingers crossed for Troyce. *hug*

Thanks *hugs*

There used to be an art dealer who would come to the SF/F cons down here and bring a huge beautiful selection of prints. Even if we didn't buy anything, it was just neat to get to see all of them.

This talk of pot roast is making me hungry!

It was great, especially with the cool rainy weather we had last night.

I hadn't heard of Thomas Canty but his work is beautiful. There's a Rackhamesque quality to some of his pictures that really appeals.

I really wish he had a real web site with a gallery, because he's done some so much more than those two sites had posted.

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