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A link from gina_stormgrant: The Little Lost Lambda -- Some Thoughts by Victor J. Banis And the Lambda people, year in and year out, work to validate this miniscule view of the glbt world. Ruth Sims, author of a simply wonderful novel, The Phoenix, commented that she has long noticed an anti-female writer bias with the Lammies, and said wistfully that she knew she'd never get one of their gay fiction awards. I wrote her back that the problem was not her gender, she could put any name on it she liked as a byline, and she still wouldn’t get an award because it is a brilliantly entertaining piece of historical fiction – and the key word there is “entertaining.”

Last night I used the last of the pot roast leftovers to make a beef pot pie, and ended up making an apple pie for desert. I'm reading a book set in Vienna and it's making me desperately hungry for pastry, and the apple pie was self defense.

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Now I want to make peach pie...

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