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book_wench (Cassandra Chan) has an interesting post on the problems she had writing her most recent novel. (which I'm really looking forward to reading.)

I've had similar problems with books, where I got so far down the wrong track I couldn't see daylight. It's a very frustrating feeling, when you know you've gone wrong somewhere, something in the plot is just not working, your vision of the book is not meshing with what you seem to be doing now, but you can't put your finger on what went wrong where. To me, the solution always seems to come in a lightning bolt and be blindingly obvious, to the point where I can't remember how I got on the wrong track when the right one was right there, all the time.

(and I highly recommend her books. They're mystery novels set in Britain, and the first one is The Young Widow)

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Yes, that's a very good way of putting it: so far down the wrong track you can't see daylight! In the end, although as noted I did learn a few things, I think it was mostly due to (a) trying to write a book I didn't much feel like writing, and trying to do it too fast, and (b) personal issues which kept dragging my attention away and making it even harder than usual to take a step back and get an overview.

Hmm. I have to admit, when I'm in the middle of writing, stepping back and being objective is not my forte.

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