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Some links:

Victoria Strauss -- The Perils of Searching for Publishers on the Internet: For new writers, however, it can pose substantial hazards, since there's at least as much bad information as good--not to mention all the people who want to sell you something that may not be good for you. Even so-called professional resources aren't always reliable--the writing and editing question forums at LinkedIn, supposedly a place for business and professional networking, are absolute pits of bad advice and misinformation

A Rage of Angel - I've Been Plagiarized and I'm Not Alone: This is about a case of plagiarism uncovered in the short and flash fiction online horror magazines. The first example the writer mentions seems iffy -- it's a six word sentence in a somewhat similar vampire story, and could conceivably be a coincidence. Then he gets into the paragraph long examples, and the sections stolen from H.P. Lovecraft and Stephen King, and it's like, yeah, that's classic plagiarism all right.


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