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An article from DearAuthor: New FTC rules for Bloggers: The FTC and the Case of Unreasonable Disclosure. Not sure how this will affect me, as I don't generally get books for free. I either buy them or get them from the library or borrow them from friends.
ETA: FTC Guide re Endorsement Update

book rec: An Old Chaos by Sheila Simonson, author of Bar Sinister, Lady Elizabeth's Comet, the Lark Dodge mysteries. Really enjoyed this, though it's the characters that make this book rather than the mystery. (disclosure: I did not get this book free from the author or the publisher, but from a gift card sent by a friend not associated with author or publisher for my birthday. See, this could get old fast.)

art site: Kris Kuksi the sculpture is incredible.

Some people have probably already heard of this site, but it was recommended on the Black Gate blog: Query Shark -- book queries critiqued.

Agents have been getting huge numbers of online queries this year, to the point where it's overwhelming, and a huge number of those queries do not follow the submission guidelines posted on the agency web sites. They don't send it in the right format, they don't include the right information, they query for genres the agents do not represent. They waste time, the agent's time, the author's time, the intertube's time, everybody's time. Like I told the group in my program at WriterCon, if you just carefully follow the submission guidelines of whatever you are submitting to, this will put you ahead of a surprisingly large percentage of other people. It's sad, but true.

I've also got a small collection of publishing information sites and articles for new writers on my web site.

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That sculpture is fabulous. I want to see this person's art live.

Query Shark is one of my favorite blogs - it is such a good resource, and often it's also just funny as hell.

Dear FTC: Pbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbth. Kisses, Celli.

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