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Got woken up early this morning by a big thunderstorm, and it's still raining. It would be nice to have a year again where it's not drought-summer flood-winter.

This is the week where everyone has fun without us at World Fantasy

And Troyce has another job interview this morning, so please keep your fingers and toes crossed.

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Definitely has all the good wishes I can send his way.

All my crossables are crossed!

Good luck, good luck, good luck!

Good luck to Troyce. Fingers crossed.

I won't be at WFC, so no fun for me either. Though I may go see Evil Dead the Musical, so maybe a little fun.


Evil Dead the Musical sounds like it will be awesome.

*crosses everything*

We've had the drought-summer flood-winter thing going on here (or flood-autumn, at least). It's crazy. We had thunder and lightning last night, hasn't stopped raining yet today. Saturday was the only beautiful sunny day we've had in ages. I was hoping Sunday would be like that too, but no. Clouds and rain. Feh.

Thanks. Yeah, we've had so much rain this fall, the ground was still wet all last week. And it's been cool, but not cool enough to drive off the giant clouds of mosquitos.

They're having fun in San Jose without me, too, not that I'm bitter. Fingers crossed for Troyce.

Thanks. :) Yeah, we'd really wanted to go this year, since we have friends in CA we haven't gotten to see for a while.

Yeop good work thoughts headed his way.

Thanks! He thought it went really well.

I'm not going to WFC either. If I had gotten my new job maybe a week earlier, I would have. But I should be able to make future WFCs because this is a slow time of the semester for the office where I'll be going.

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