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Stargate Monuments


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Stargate Monuments

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While cooking and decorating for the Halloween party, I've been watching TCM's Boris Karloff day (Now everybody think about Bill Murray's famous line from the baptism scene in Ed Wood) and it's weird how he made this whole string of movies which are basically the same movie. In each one, he plays a brilliant well-intentioned but doomed scientist who is working on a way to bring people back from the dead and is interrupted at the wrong moment, convicted of murder and thrown in prison or executed, and then the people responsible for that are very sorry later due to all the homicidal fury. (There was one variant where he played the wrongly convicted and executed guy who was brought back to life by the brilliant scientist, but that didn't turn out so well either.) Even more weirdly, they're all pretty good movies. There was one where he was working on something that was basically a version of the method they use now for keeping a patient alive during a heart transplant, which is strange for the modern viewer, since you know he's actually got a good idea while everyone in the movie courtroom is going nuts about how horrible it is.

This seems to be something that happened not infrequently in the late 30s, early 40s, where if they had a successful B movie, they would sometimes make it again with a similar story, different script, and some of the same cast. (Which can lead to me staring at the screen wondering why I don't remember this scene from Casa Blanca only to realize that this is because it's not actually Casa Blanca.)

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That's funny given how you hear "Hollywood doesn't have any imagination anymore" all the time these days, as if it once was incredibly imaginative and never copied itself. But I had noticed that Captain Blood and The Adventures of Robin Hood have pretty much the same plot and pretty much the same actors!

One of the things I love about movies of that era that has scenes set in surgery is that they often have the surgical masks cover the mouth, but the doctors' and nurses' noses hang out over the top!

Yep. They also did product placement back during that time period, though they didn't call it that.

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That's a good one! Though my favorite funny-scary movie is still The Raven.

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