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Watch That Plant

Halloween Decorations

The party last night turned out great. Here's some photos of the finished decorations:

These are the chocolate balls our friend Megan made. It's chocolate cake with a dipping chocolate coating, and they were so good. I just had a leftover one for lunch.

Vampire hunters' kit. (Later we added a bottle of Spice Island Garlic Salt.)

Finished bat cave

Other side of the bat cave

As you exit the bat cave

Partially dress bay window with Tasha forming a decorative tableau with a pumpkin.


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Love the vampire hunting kit! *g*

Looks awesome! I love the vampire hunter's kit and the divination station. And the bat cave, of course.

i love the vampire hunting kit :) everything looks fantastic!

BTW, the chocolate-cakeball dudes look yummy. Do you know the recipe?

I don't know the exact recipe -- it's chocolate cake with cream cheese to make it easier to mold and keep on the sticks, then it's coated with dipping chocolate.

... and a Blessed Samhain and happy Hallowe'en to you as well !!!

That looks like such a wonderful time, yay! And I love how well Tasha fits in with the decorations.

your decorations are amazing, That vampire hunter kit = AWESOME. :D

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