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Just finished a new book, the young adult fantasy I've been working on. I'm going to do a little more proofing on it tomorrow then hopefully send it out to my agent.

70783 / 70000 words. 101% done!

Now I need to finish three loads of laundry and take a bath.

That's fantastic! Congratulations!!

Oooh, new book! Count two people at our house who will be waiting for it!

Thanks! Hopefully it'll find a publisher. :)

YAY! That is so good to hear. I hope your agent adores it. :-)

That is great news. Plus, your grammar in using "hopefully" is perfect. Good grammar is highly respected in my family. I look forward to getting a copy of your book for my niece (and one for myself), and having the folks talk about what a smart young man I am.

Congrats! ^^ I really need to get back to rewriting a dozen scenes or so of my book. *sigh* Though it'll be a much better story once I do the rewrite! (And it's only some scenes instead of the whole book at least...)

I look forward to seeing your newest book in bookstores. :)

Rob H.

Thanks! Hopefully it'll find a publisher eventually. :)

Hey, congratulations!! And, good luck1

Woohoo! Great news. Congrats!

Huzzah! And huzzah for the prospect of clean body and clean clothes. Hopefully the proofing process won't take you very long.

Thanks! I finished the proofing today and got it sent it off, so that's a big relief.

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