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So the plumber came, and Friday afternoon I will be the proud owner of a new water heater. Yay. Closer examination of the old water heater with the plumber's help revealed that the tank was leaking down onto the pipe, which is why it looked like the pipe was leaking. It's also leaking from the top, and the back, and many other places. It's a bad time to have to do this, but the old one lasted twenty-one years, so you can't really fault it, especially since it's (knock on wood) holding on long enough to be replaced and didn't just burst at the first opportunity. And it's apparently had a lot of opportunity.

I'm not getting a tankless, because after looking up more details online, I think they'd have to rebuild half the garage and the gas system to install it, and it's not going to be that much more efficient than a new not-21-years-old water heater to warrant the price tag and rebuilding the garage.

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21 years??? Wow. I'm not a home owner, so I have no expertise in this area, but that sounds like a LONG time!

I hope the new one lasts as long...or longer.

It looks pretty bad, so we probably should have replaced it a few years ago. The plumber was kind of surprised it was still producing hot water.

Darn. Sorry it wasn't something less expensive!

Yeah, apparently they're only supposed to last ten years, so we should have replaced this one a while ago.

Home maintenance is never fun. Hopefully this one will last 21 years, then...

Yes, but 20 years ago they built them to last 20 years. ^^ Seems at some point the decision was made to make things not to last so to force increased purchases and more business.

Still, on the plus side you'll have a more efficient water heater so that costs will go down for heating the water. So there is one benefit at least.

Rob H.

Yep, I think it will be more efficient, and at least we won't have to worry about it any more.

Gyah! Twenty years is fantastic mileage, but all of those leaks must have been startling! Hopefully it won't be too expensive to replace.

It's got an insulated pad around it, which the plumber said was a fire hazard, though not at the moment, since it's soaked with water.

I probably should have been clued in by the calcified stalagmites it had been growing lately. :)

Ah. I didn't need that much work to have it done. It was still pricey to have it installed, but the life expectancy, useability and operating costs area great improvement. (Here in the Frozen North, you could never put a hot water heater in the garage. They don't deal well with -10 C.) I'm not sure why they'd have to rebuild the garage, though. That seems all off. With mine, they just ran it off the old pipes. The gas would've been really expensive, though, according to the plumber, but when I had the line dug, I asked them to leave space to to a gas hot water heater and, eventually, stove. I must be psychic...

Well, enjoy having hot water again!

Awful timing, but maybe it will reduce you gas bill?

I think it probably will. It's got to be more efficient than the old one.

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