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I now have a new hot water heater, that is not leaking and is up to code and everything. It took the plumbers about three hours to replace it, on the coldest day we've had so far. It was upper 30s with snow flurries, and the garage felt like an ice cave. But they did it. It cost 880.00 we don't have to spare right now, but the relief of not worrying about the water heater bursting at any moment is worth it.

Patrick Rothfuss' charity fundraiser Worldbuilders has already raised over $17,000 for Heifer International, just since December 1. That's pretty darn good.

I'm still taking questions about publishing or writing in general, so ask away if you have any. I've also got a collection of links about publishing on my web site here.

Oh, and supposedly, is having a sale, and if you want to buy the reprints of City of Bones or The Element of Fire, entering the coupon code HUMBUG during checkout will save you 10%. I say supposedly, because I haven't tested it myself, so I have no idea if it really works.

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Has anyone asked about the best way to get an agent yet?

No, but that's a good thing to talk about. I'll do a post on it tomorrow or Monday.

Gratz on the new H20 monster in the garage. I've been following your water heater woes with interest; our gas-fueled water heater has a thermostat on the fritz and I'm having to replace it. Naturally the fritzing happened six years, one month after the six-year warranty expired. Now I have to find a replacement part or shell out big bucks for a new water heater. I hate GE.

Ours was a Rheem, and we replaced it with the same kind. Hopefully it'll last half as long as the old one did. :)

Yup, we just replaced our hot water heater two months ago, and brought everything up to code, and it cost almost exactly as much. Sheesh. Good thing they don't do that often!!

Yep, I'd checked some prices online, and that's about what it should be. Our plumbers had to drill a hole in the wall to install the extra drain (that the old water heater didn't have) and replace the pipes and valves, but didn't charge any extra.

Ouch! Still, so much better than burst pipes.

Definitely. I was really worried about the bursting and flooding thing. It made turning on the hot water a very nervous experience.

Um, hello!

I am a long-time fan, since I bought a copy of city of Bones from the Sf&F Book Club on a whim. I just finished re-reading the Fall of Ile-Rien series a coupe of days ago, and a friend of mine mentioned awhile ago that you are on LJ, et voila, here I am :) I am looking forward to reading through your posts on writing!

Thanks, and glad you found me!

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