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Took a cat to the vet this morning for her vaccinations and it was COLD. And once again, the Prius is better at giving me the actual weather than the morons on the radio. (The radio said it was 50, the Prius said 37 with possible ice. Guess who was right?) All it needs is radar and a bow tie and it could go into business as the local weatherman.

WebUrbanist: Snow Sculptures

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I was struck by the fact that like us, you have to say "took a cat to the vet" instead of "took the cat to the vet." ;-)

LOL re weather-people. Showed up by a car!

Those snow sculptures are amazing!

They are pretty awesome. You wouldn't think they could do something that elaborate with snow.

We just got a Prius ourselves. I think it would look quite fetching in a bow tie.

We've had ours since late 2005, and have been really happy with it.

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