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I still need to clean house, and figure out what I'm going to cook next week, and try not to be excessively tempted by yummy but labor-intensive recipes in Food Network magazine. A friend gave morfin a small sachertorte for Christmas, so we will be happily nomming on that next week.

We're also having intermittent internet problems again, so I may disappear at any moment.

We're also far outside the radius of the snowpocalypse, and it's actually going to get warmer here over the next couple of days. But it should get back down to the 50s for Christmas, which is nice, because then we can have a fire in the fireplace while watching The Fellowship of the Ring and other traditional Christmas movies. And I am looking forward like crazy to the new Sherlock Holmes movie. And the next new Doctor Who episode on BBC America.

I've been leaving two folded blankets out on the bed for the cats to sleep on, and apparently one is more comfortable than the other, because twice I've caught Harry about to chomp down on Bella's neck to forcibly remove her from it.


Bent Objects by Terry Border

Book Reviews in the Black Gate Blog.

A local chocolate factory and restaurant in Calvert, TX: Cocoamoda. If you ever pass it, stop immediately and eat everything they make.

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Is one of them fleece?
Here in the Frozen North, everyone has throws on couches and chairs, and one thing I've noticed is that cats love fleece. The woolly blankets, not so much, but the fleece ones earn a, "Mria Mprecsioussss....."

"Stop immediately and eat everything they make." CLASSIC. :D This is (part of) why you are teh cool.

Well do I know the lure of the difficult recipes. I'm trying to stick with the easy basics this year. :)

Yeah, I think I might do a ham, since that will be big enough to produce a lot of leftovers, but not take a huge amount of effort.

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