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We were supposed to have an ice storm today, but it looks like it's been canceled in favor of cold rain, which is good. Christmas is over, so I'm done with winter and would like to move on to summer as rapidly as possible. Or at least spring.

Really want to see The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, but it's in limited release and not here yet. I've been looking forward to that one almost as much as Sherlock Holmes (which was fabulous).

From eldritchhobbit and others: Ebook Fundraiser for Spider and Jeanne Robinson Lord Dickens’s Declaration is a novella by Lawrence Santoro which is an accompanying piece to StarShipSofa Stories.
All proceeds from this ebook are for the benefit of Spider and Jeanne Robinson as they struggle with Jeanne’s illness.

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We were lucky we managed to see it on Christmas day. Both theaters in town were showing it, and we picked the one that was only packed, instead of completely sold out.

We got in to see Sherlock Holmes on Saturday around 2:30 PM. It was a pretty packed house, but it was really worth seeing. I think I'd like to see "Young Sherlock Holmes" ( right before this one - seeing them back to back.

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