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naominovik has posted her pirate story from the anthology Fast Ships, Black Sails: Araminta, or, The Wreck of the Amphidrake

New online SF magazine Lightspeed Magazine, from the publishers of Fantasy Magazine, is looking for submissions.

Victoria Strauss of Writer Beware and other authors are receiving some really...odd emails: Apparently I'm a Boring Wrinkled Self-Published Lesbian. (Note that I'm not posting the guy's name, because he apparently searches on himself a lot.)

Missions Unknown: John Picacio's Cover for Zoo City, by Lauren Beukes


rageprufrock posted information links for Human Trafficking Awareness Day Modern day slavery is the second-largest criminal enterprise on Earth, and unlike drugs or money, humans aren't a single-transaction item.

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Interesting letter to Victoria Strauss. As one person noted, all those spelling errors tends to discredit's ones status as a literary agent. And while there's nothing wrong at all in being a "wrinkled self-published Lesbian," the boring accusation is quite rude. Perhaps she'd be less boring if she started sending out poorly written vitriolic diatribes to random people.

here via your haiti auction

Did you see that also put that Novik short story - which is in their Year's Best Fantasy 9 - up for free download, as long as people are registered users? They put three short stories into one .pdf file and have done that for the whole anthology.

Re: here via your haiti auction

Cool, thanks!

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