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I'm almost done with the kitchen painting, augh. I've been looking for the "before" pictures, the ones we took when we first moved into our house, so you can see how horrible it was, but I'm having trouble finding them. I'm finding a lot of other great pictures I forgot I had, so I may post some of them. They're pre-digital-camera era though, so I'll have to scan them in.

Nathan Bransford has a guest blog by Anne R. Allen: Guest Blog Week: You May Be a Bestseller on Tralfamadore

New online mystery magazine: Crime Factory (in PDF)

WebUrbanist: SF Images of Mars

The Secret Cities of Yemen very cool architecture.

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I've been curious - were your cabinets painted before, or stained? Did you treat them with anything (degreaser, etc.?) before you painted? (I'm planning on painting mine eventually.)

The first time I painted them, they were partly painted, partly bare wood with the finish worn off. I really didn't do anything but wipe them down first with some cleaner. This time I wiped them down and then sanded first.

I'm thinking of painting mine before I try to sell, too. They're builder woodgrain with no hardware right now. :P

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