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pirateonthebay had asked for before and after kitchen pictures, and here they are:

This is the before, around 1996. The doors of the cabinets were basically bare wood, with what finish there was scraped off, possibly in an attempt to get rid of the black sticky substance that covered everything. The countertop had holes in it, the linoleum floor was permanently stained. The stove had a gas leak, so everything smelled bad, too. And you can't see the brown 60s range hood in this, either. The vent to outside wasn't blocked off correctly, so things kept trying to get in through it.

This is the after, 2010. New floor, new countertop, new sink, new faucet, new window, new stove, new hood, new hardware, painted cabinets.

While looking for the house pictures, I found this. It's an early picture of Spike, who we didn't get to keep nearly as long as we wanted to.

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Aw, puppy.

Thank you for the Haiti v-gift! Hearts back.

Wow, that is a vast improvement!

Spike was a real cutie ;o)

Wow, what an improvement! It looks like you turned it into a great workspace. I do love how quickly the fridge-magnets and pictures find their way back onto the new refrigerator -- that looks like my (omigod-17-year-old-but-working-great) fridge, with the freezer door completely covered and the fridge door covered about a quarter of the way.

It is a huge improvement. It doesn't smell funny now, either.

I've got fridge magnets of my four of my favorite TV men: John Sheppard, Hercules and Iolaus, and Tim Gunn. :)

Wow. You did that by yourself?!?! Wanna come out and visit??? :->

I did the painting and spackling and changing the hardware; I paid other people to do everything else. :)

Martha did all the repainting and put on the new hardware, the floor was professionally done.

It's always so amazing to look at US kitchens, they look so different from German ones. ^^

You definitely can see the difference there, too.

That kitchen looks 100% better. Makes me want to do my own kitchen.

Thank you for the vgift! It was a good kick in the pants for me to get my own vgifts sent. :)

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