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I had a mild scare with Tasha (the cat) the other day. She couldn't seem to settle down for the normal four hour or so morning nap, kept walking back and forth, lying down and getting up again. But she let me feel her tummy and didn't seem to be in any pain anywhere. I finally figured out she had been chewing the used teabags that had been left in a bowl on the counter. Yes, she had a caffeine and sugar high. It wore off by the evening and she slept like a log.

Another great link from Rick Klaw: Edmund Dulac's illustrations for the 1907 Sinbad the Sailor

From j_cheney: the lovely new cover for Magic Under Glass by Jackie Dolamore

From Cake Wrecks: the That Takes the Cake show in Austin this weekend has an SF/F theme.

And bonus from Cake Wrecks: things you really don't want to find in your cake. Like scissors. Seriously, scissors!

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Oh kitty. :)) I'm glad she's okay!

The illustrations for Sinbad are amazing!

I saw the thing about the scissors. O_o

Yeah, I mean, how do you lose a pair of scissors that big in a bowl of batter? They're big enough to destroy any kind of mixer, for one thing.

Oh, heavens, I hate to think of a cat on a sugar high...(glad she's OK, though ;o)

Edited at 2010-02-25 03:13 pm (UTC)

Yeah, it was interesting. :) I've caught her a couple of times trying to get into my tea cup, but I didn't think she'd developed that much of a taste for it. You'd think teabags would be too bitter, but apparently not.

I'm constantly surprised by what they think is palatable...

(Remember, I have a dog, and they'll eat almost anything. Except cheese. He wont' touch cheese.)

Poor Tasha! I'm glad she's okay.

The new cover for Magic Under Glass is beautiful, isn't it?

Yes, it's a gorgeous cover. I like the steampunk touch with the gears in the corner, too.

I love those Dulac illos soooo much. I have some of them in one of my Dula books, but not all...

I love the intricate detail, it's just incredible.

Poor Tasha! I've never seen cats interested in regular tea or teabags, though Scully often tries to drink my coffee by sticking her entire head in my cup. I used to drink catnip tea before bed (it knocks humans out), and you can imagine how careful I had to be with the teabag. The guys knocked over and cracked open a metal trashcan to get one and consumed everything but the string, which I found on the kitchen floor. They ate the wet herb, the paper sachet, the tag, and I assume they ate the staple, too, as I never found it.

I think it's because I use sugar in hot tea, so they associate the smell with something sweet. Though they try to get into my ice tea, too, and water, and pretty much every drink they see.

That's too funny! An overcaffienated cat. :) I wonder if it would make Katy exercise? Hmm.

Actually, flashing a laser pointer on the wall last night caused a lot more running around than the caffeine. :)

Thanks for pimping my cake show! :-)

Kyla Myers
President, Capital Confectioners

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