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SGA - laughing

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Subject line from spam I got this morning: Seduce the daughter of the oligarch with your rich style! No matter where you are, Swiss watches will tell you the time! That's hilarious on about three different levels.

From shsilver: Luis Soriano and his Biblioburro

It's the last two days for the helptheproject auction! There are lots of fun items up for bid, like food, books, jewelry. My item, an autographed hardcover of The Death of the Necromancer is here.

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"Seduce the daughter of the oligarch with your rich style!"

Heh. "Daughter of the Oligarch" sounds like a bad fantasy title.

It really does. And apparently all it takes to charm her is a fake Swiss watch. :)

Coming summer 2010: a new, stand-alone Harry Potter adventure!! JK Rowling brings us "Harry Potter and the Daughter of the Oligarch." A new coming-of-age story set during Harry's summer break from Hogwarts. Warning: This title is suggested for mature audiences only.

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