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Martha Wells

One last word on the One Hundred Years Hence Exhibit: at a party this weekend, someone asked one of my friends how the exhibit was, and he said, "Glorious." I realized that summed up my feelings about it, too. For the people who have promoting SF/F on campus for years, some since they were college kids, and who faced all the usual crap about it that SF/F fans, academics, and writers usually get, this was a glorious validation.

My post-ice-holocaust yard: I pulled up the rest of the dead plants, which did help. Now it looks like a post-holocaust scene without dead plants. (At least there's no zombies.) I can't afford to buy replacements right now, though I am going to a big fund-raising plant sale in Houston next week, where I should be able to pick up some good cheap ones.

jimhines Novel Survey Results Post I This post concentrates on busting writing myths, such as "Short Story Path to Publication" and "Self-Publishing Your Breakout Novel." To those proclaiming queries and the slush pile are for suckers, and self-publishing is the way to land a major novel deal, I have bad news: only 1 author out of 246 self-published their book and went on to sell that book to a professional publisher.

mahoni linked to IO9: Batman fighting a giant shark with a lightsabre. Yeah, baby.
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