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Augh, trying to get started this morning is not easy.

Article at the SFWA site: Can You Define African Science Fiction? by Nnedi Okorafor

From arcaedia: Happy Release Day Bound in Blood by P.C. Hodgell is out, the new novel in the Jamethiel of the Kencyr series! The series is on B&N here.

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OOps, Bound in Blood is only out now? I bought the ebook edition two weeks ago and have already finished it (I do mean the final edition, not the e-ARC). It's another fast ride full of action and some resolution actually! tagmeth has already asked readers what we want to see in the next book ^^.
I didn't realise Charles Stross read PCH, too, until he said hi in the comments about where her readers come from and when they found her ^^.

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