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laurajunderwood said: I was fascinated by the results of the survey because they were not far off from everything I suspected or knew about the profession. I participated, of course. I was the rare instance of the author who got asked for a book because the editor had read my short fiction and my small press book, and wanted to know when I was going to let them have a book of mine.

I thought so too. I was one of the outliers who had sold the first book I'd written, but I'd been writing and trying to get published for 10-11 years before selling it, which was right on the average.

As to your writing, are you working on anything new?

I've finished three new fantasy novels in the last couple of years, but they haven't found a publisher yet. I'm working on a couple of new things right now, too.

thanate asked: Not entirely writing-related, but I've been wondering: where did the name (or nickname, I suppose) "Kade" come from?

It's been so long since I wrote The Element of Fire, I can't remember if I'd seen it anywhere before or not. I do remember the name "Kade Carrion" was meant to have the feel of a name from a fairytale, like "Kate Crackernuts."

Still taking writing or publishing questions here.

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I've finished three new fantasy novels in the last couple of years, but they haven't found a publisher yet.

There are Martha Wells novels in existence that I can't have???


This is unjust, universe!

I think it's very unjust, too! :)

Hey Martha!

It is excellent to know that you are still writing, I was really starting to worry! For the record - I literally fell in love with you when I picked up "City of Bones" back in the day, so I didn't relish the idea that you gave it all up to become an insurance saleswoman.

I have a dumb question. Since the publishing industry is having a hard time, compounded by their inexplicable inability to recognize TRUE talent, why don't you self publish via the net? I for one will give you 20 bucks for an e-novel. Waddya say?

Thanks, I'm really glad you liked City of Bones and the other books. :)

The problem is, the writers who have successfully self-published new books were able to get a lot of attention and notice from the popular blogging sites; I'm pretty sure that wouldn't happen for me. If I can't get the books published, I probably will eventually self-publish them, just so people can read them, but it will basically mean I've given it up and become an insurance saleswoman. :)

*whimper* See now, this is where you're lucky your in Texas and not Edmonton, AB. :)

Speaking as one of your many stalkers...ummm...lurkers?, anyway, you are MUCH more popular than you think. Once a month I make a special point of a google search to make sure you haven't snuck off into the ether under another name.

So does my sister, who is also a fan, only much quieter than I am.

The point is please, please don't give up. We your loyal, devoted and possibly crazed fans would spread the word! No insurance!!!!!

Thanks very much, I really appreciate that. :)

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