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Our internet is working now, but Verizon called and said their test of the line shows something wrong, so they're sending a technician out. He'll arrive sometime between 8 and 5. This is why we got rid of the cable. That's fine, Verizon, I have to go to the grocery store and the pharmacy, but I'll just sit here waiting on your convenience. Maybe this time a miracle will happen and you'll fix the thing that's caused our intermittent connection problems for well over a year.

One problem is that the techs who fix the phone lines and Verizon Online are two separate outfits, and Verizon Online doesn't see any reason to listen to anything the techs say or treat them any better than they treat the customers.

Also, Harry, our twenty year old cat who has kidney disease and arthritis, has been getting steadily worse. I've basically been giving him hospice care, but despite the pain medication I can tell he feels pretty bad. He's still eating, drinking, etc, but he's also doing things like walking a circuit of the house for a good part of the night. Often this circuit includes walking over me, knocking things off the dresser, and randomly deciding to try to kill one of the other cats, which can keep me awake most of the night. At his best, Harry was twenty pounds of pure muscle, and even with his weight loss he's still very strong and very fast. On the day he was diagnosed with kidney disease, I had dropped him off at the vet's for the day, and came back in the afternoon to find out he had been let out of his carrier at one point and they couldn't get him back in. He had seized control of one of the vet's two consulting rooms and was sitting in a corner of it, with a circle of chairs around him marking the minimum safe distance to approach. (When he was younger, one of his vets found out the hard way that Harry could force open a feral cat grabber.)

Anyway, it is somewhat easier with an animal that's dying after a long comfortable life. Our dog Spike died of cancer when he was barely middle-aged, and that was much harder to accept. It's still stressful, but I've had Harry since he was a kitten and at least he's had a good long run.


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And here's a virtual tour of the steampunk house.
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*Hugs* for you and Harry. Never easy, though definitely better if they get a good long life.

Aristotle, though mild mannered, is also big and muscled and I really really hope he lives such a long life.

Thanks. I feel like I'm prepared, but I also feel like when it happens I'll be a basket case for a while.

I hope Aristotle is around for a long time, too.

Yes, basket case is likely, I'd think. More hugs.

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Yeah, the "it's just a pet" people don't get that it's something that you have taken care of and that has slept with you for twenty years.

Thanks :)

Oh, no, I'm so sorry to hear about Harry. {{{{hugs}}}}

I'm very sorry to hear about Harry, although the story of him taking over the vet's room made me smile.

When Nyssa was having her strokes (before we knew they were strokes) we had dropped her off at that vet for some tests. When we returned later in the day, she was the sole occupant of an examining room. She had folded her large self up and tucked herself into the tiny sink, and given her personality, they felt it was better to let her have the room than try to extract her.

Hugs for you and for Harry.

Thanks :) *hugs*

That's an awesome image, the cat curled up in the sink. I had a cat named Kate who lived to be about 23, who had a heart attack one night. She survived it, but we really weren't sure what happened to her until we took her to the vet and he figured it out.

Poor Harry! It sounds like he's fighting old battles in the night.

Great links!

Thanks. I think he's probably flashing back to trying to kill our vet. :)

Harry sounds like such a character! It's wonderful he's had such a good long life. I'm sorry things are winding down for him. *hugs you both*

I'm so sorry to hear about Harry. ::HUGS::

That's amazing that he still has so much spunk in spite of the illness.

Sympathies to Harry and to you.

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