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Okay, I know we've been having a run of bad luck, but this is getting crazy. The water pump on Troyce's nineteen year old pick-up broke yesterday, so we dropped it off at the garage early this morning, and I took him to work. Coming back, not far from home, I was at a light behind a van with a trailer, with a small pick-up behind me, and a large SUV behind the pick-up. Then a car came along, didn't stop, and hit the SUV. The bang was huge, and I looked up into the mirror into time to see the SUV jolt forward and hear the second huge bang, and anticipate the next huge bang which was the pick up slamming into me. Nobody was hurt, though the airbag went off in the pick-up behind me. I have an imprint of a Green landscaping company trailer in the front of my Prius. The back has a loose slightly mushed panel but was not near as bad as it seemed like it was going to be.

Anyway, I want a redo on this day. And possibly on this year.

Post I was planning to make before all the fun:

SF/F Symposium at Texas A&M Cushing Memorial Library & Archives will host both local and visiting “scholars of the fantastic” in a science fiction studies symposium on April 15 from 1 to 5 p.m. Following on the heels of the popular exhibit “One Hundred Years Hence: Science Fiction & Fantasy at Texas A&M,” which opened this past March, “Amazing, Fantastic, Weird: Science Fiction Studies in Texas” will feature nine speakers discussing such topics as race in science fiction fandom, the roles and rhetoric of fan fiction, pulp magazines, Islamic and Hispanic science fiction and more. “Amazing, Fantastic, Weird: Science Fiction Studies in Texas” will take place in the Mayo-Thomas Room of Cushing Library. The event is free and open to the public.

From rclementmoore: The Wind up and the Pitch: Conference Season Begins on pitching to agents at conferences.

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Gah. That sucks, but I'm glad it wasn't any worse than it was. I'm also glad you came out of it okay.

Thanks. :) It really scared the crap out of me. I think it was the hang-time between hearing the first impact and then my car getting hit. I've been in a car that was hit from behind before, but it was over before you knew what was happening.

I'm so glad you weren't hurt!

Hopefully the insurance company won't take too long to pay the claim and you'll get your car looking pretty again ASAP.

Thanks. :) I'm going to call them tomorrow, when the police report should be ready.

Oy, jeebus. I'm glad you're okay! And yeah, enough with the coyote-luck.

Thanks :) Yeah, I could have done with a less interesting day.

OMG YIPES! I'm glad you're okay!!! Poor prius!!

Thanks :) Yeah, I got off pretty easy compared to some of the other people.

(Deleted comment)
Thanks :) Man, I hope so.

yikes! I'm so glad you're all right.

At least it was a *green* landscaping company!

Seriously, that sucks. Even though no one was hurt, I know everyone was pretty shaken up. The SUV must've really smacked the pick-up for its airbag to go off, and the pick-up driver was probably standing with both feet on the brake to try *not* to smack into you....

I have been there, done that, gotten the t-shirt, two and a half years ago, when I got into an accident a week before Christmas. The other driver thought that 40 was too slow to be going uphill in heavy snow, so she passed me. Turned out, it wasn't She totally lost control of her vehicle, spun around a good six times, ended up sliding back *downhill* into me. (The cops wouldn't let me drive my car, after.) Neither I nor the other driver were badly hurt, but we both had that several second gap when we realized that collision was inevitable.. You're right, that part shakes you up worse than when there's no warning.

Glad you're okay. Hug the Prius.

Thanks :) Yeah, the person who hit the SUV was in a small car, so she must have been going really fast to make that big an impact.

I think those are the most awful seconds, when you can see it coming and yet do nothing about it. That intiating car's insurance is going to have a time with this one. I assume there was a police report.

Yeah, the insurance situation for that person is going to be crazy. There was a police report, and I'm pretty sure she got a ticket, though I was able to leave before they got to that part.

I'm sooooo sorry to hear about the accident, and very glad you're okay.

Egad, I'm glad you're safe! That was a close call, it sounds like--and better the Prius than you!

Also, thanks for the symposium plug! :)

Thanks :) I feel like I was pretty lucky; the people behind me had a lot more damage.

Sorry to hear about the car wreck, those are always just a huge mess even when completely not your fault.

I am deeply jealous of the seminar today. My proposal is due and so I can't just hare off to College Station to see it as I did the exhibit, but it sounds neat.

Thanks. :) Yeah, I'm still waiting for the adjuster to okay the estimate. I have no idea how long that's going to take.

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