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The Swivet (agent Colleen Lindsay) posts about: County of Sonoma, CA, ignores the wills, powers of attorney, and medical directives of elderly gay couple and separates them and sells their belongings.

Teen Book Drop is going on until Wednesday, the school libraries need more graphic novels.

I'm still waiting for the insurance adjuster to okay the repairs for the accident. I really hope this gets over with soon.

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Thanks :) The estimate for the repairs wasn't very expensive, so I'm hoping nothing's gone wrong with the claim.

It's absolutely horrific that someone's wishes can just be set aside like that.

Not "wishes" -- wills, powers of attorney, and medical directives are legal commands.

I did not mean to be caviliar. This may be a regional thing. The way I meant that was as legal directives. I'm just used to the term I used being used for such things.

I don't think you sounded cavalier. "absolutely horrific" is a very good description of what happened.

Hopefully things are just taking a while because there were several other people affected in the pileup much worse than you. They may be having to deal with those w/o a drivable vehicle first before they get to yours.

Or it could just be insurance stonewalling.

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