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Storm fronts coming through on Friday and Saturday made my sinuses feel all explody. I got some recommendations for the neti pot on Facebook, and may end up trying that. It made me remember how my mother always hauled out the humidifier whenever I got sick (we lived up in Fort Worth, where it's a lot dryer during the winter). The humidifier she had was probably from the 50s and looked like an old Doctor Who prop and made a bizarre series of noises. One time when I had strep throat, my dog stayed up all night guarding me from it.

* What Do I Wish I’d Know...or You’re Kidding, Right? by Gregory Frost (frostokovich)
So, in a sense, I kind of wish someone had said to me what Conroy said to Cronin. Because what that really says is, "Embrace the process. Love the writing itself for itself. If you publish it, well that’s good, too. But don’t make that your goal. Make telling the best story in the world your goal–the best you know how to write. And from that learn how to write the next one better. And so on, until you write something so good you can’t believe it."

This is so incredibly true. I think the only thing I've disliked about doing writing workshops and seminars is the people who had real talent, but who expected their first work to be brilliant and to sell for a fabulous amount, and who gave up when it didn't. Yes, there are writers who it hit lucky on their first try, but there are also people who win the million dollar lottery; it's nice if you end up being one of those people, but you can't count on it.

And it's also another data point for the results of jimhines' survey, that it takes most writers about ten to eleven years of writing and submitting before they start to make sales.

* If you go to ren faires down here (or if you've been to my house), you may be familiar with the Wee People dolls. She's now making Steampunk dolls. If I have the spare money when ren faire rolls around again, I see more dolls in my future.

* 1crowdedhour linked to CoyoteCon, an online author conference going on all during May. Anyone is welcome to attend and registration is free.

Our guests are authors, editors, publishers and other industry professionals who love to talk about, and be involved in, the making of books: cross-genre, historical, romance, horror, fantasy, and science fiction, and all the related media they generate.
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