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Jack and Teal'c

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My car is finally getting repaired after the accident last month, and this is the third day it's been in the body shop. Yes, I am stir-crazy, why do you ask?

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Most of the fun stuff in Austin was held this past weekend, it looks like. It sucks when holidays requiring outdoor cooking are on weekdays.

I also missed the Austin Zombie Walk, which was May 1. Here's a link to a video on Facebook, hopefully this works.

Couple of links:

* My friend Katie's photograph prints. Her camera was stolen recently, and she's trying to raise money to replace it, so if you like cool photos, please take a look at her two galleries here.

* The auctions to help fund Deb Mensinger's liver transplant is going on until May 23. You can bid on fanfic, beautiful art prints by Terri Windling, signed books, signed ARCs, lovely jewelry, plus critiques, reviews, food, plants, music and all kinds of other cool stuff.

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The photos were awesome ;o) I had to buy one! THanks for turning us on to her work.

Hope the car comes back in one piece.

Cool, I'm glad you liked them! :) Hopefully she can get the camera replaced and do a lot more.

It's hard without a car, isn't it? Even if you have a rental car, it's not the same. Hope you have yours back soon.

Thanks, it really is. I didn't bother to get a rental, since it was only going to be for three days, but then of course I promptly ran out of cat food, stamps to mail bills, needed groceries, etc. I like living in a suburban area, but sometimes being able to walk to stores would be handy.

I hate how long cars take in the shop too. I'd rather they just wait until they can get around to me and let me bring it in then.

Yeah, I'm not sure why it took three days to put on two bumpers, but I have no idea how they do body work and they may actually have a reason for it.

I'm just glad you have it back now. It always makes me extra appreciative of my mobility when I get my car back.

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