Martha Wells (marthawells) wrote,
Martha Wells

My car is finally getting repaired after the accident last month, and this is the third day it's been in the body shop. Yes, I am stir-crazy, why do you ask?

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Most of the fun stuff in Austin was held this past weekend, it looks like. It sucks when holidays requiring outdoor cooking are on weekdays.

I also missed the Austin Zombie Walk, which was May 1. Here's a link to a video on Facebook, hopefully this works.

Couple of links:

* My friend Katie's photograph prints. Her camera was stolen recently, and she's trying to raise money to replace it, so if you like cool photos, please take a look at her two galleries here.

* The auctions to help fund Deb Mensinger's liver transplant is going on until May 23. You can bid on fanfic, beautiful art prints by Terri Windling, signed books, signed ARCs, lovely jewelry, plus critiques, reviews, food, plants, music and all kinds of other cool stuff.
Tags: art sites, charity auctions
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