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Got the car back, which is a big relief.

* Hair For Oil Spills Something I did not know and you probably didn't either: human hair and shed animal fur can be used to clean up oil spills, and this site tells how to collect it and where to send it. Quick, start brushing your cats! Seriously, the Gulf needs this now.

* Do the Write Thing For Nashville This is a writing-related auction for flood relief for the Nashville area. From the descriptions, critiques from editors and agents will be up for auction.

* Machette Whatever your feelings about Arizona's recently passed immigration law, one filmmaker has a clear position: Predators producer Robert Rodriguez, who has posted a special R-rated Cinco de Mayo trailer for his upcoming Machete This is Machete from the faux-trailer in Grindhouse: Planet Terror!

On the issue of fanfic, which I don't actually consider an issue, I'm just going to copy what I said in a comment yesterday: I read and wrote movie and TV show fanfic for twenty years, since The Empire Strikes Back came out when I was in high school. I had a huge fanzine collection, went to Mediawest (a big media fanzine convention), and later ran online archives for fanfic. It was always for play, for the sense of fun and community. Like Janni said, for most people it's not writing practice, it's writing for fun, writing for its own sake.

I've never been big on reading fanfic for books, though, because for me that's always been something where only the original could satisfy. But I think it's awesome when people have written fanfic for my books, because I know how hard it is to get it right, and it's pure joy to me that somebody would go to that much trouble because they liked my work so much. I know some writers really dislike fanfic, but it's not an attitude that I have any understanding of at all.

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It's an old and true adage "sex sells" and this is true of fanfiction as well. If you write very explicit sex you will have hundreds of comments, if you write long, plotty stories that may or may not have relationships as part of the background you will get half a dozen.

And that's kind of a sad thing in itself. :-(

I think what confuses me about that is that the people writing and reading all this stuff are fans of the original books/movies/shows/whatever to start with, even though those are generally focused on plot/character and not sex - but they don't have any interest in reading fan fiction that tries to follow in the same vein?

This does not mean that the really great stuff isn't out there, it just has to compete with the other for eyeballs.

I'm sure there are still some people writing genuinely interesting fan fiction - it's just kind of like searching for a needle in a haystack.

There are gen communities and that is where you will find a lot of it.

I'm not very up on fanfic jargon, but I thought "gen" in that context just meant straight porn rather than gay porn?

I don't know what your fandom is but I bet there's a community out there with great writing in it.

I don't really have a specific "fandom" - there are a lot of different books, movies, etc. I'd be happy to read good writing based on. I'm more concerned with whether something's interesting and well-written than with what particular fictional world it's set in.

I've actually occasionally had thoughts of trying to start a site or community for non-sexually-oriented, genuinely plot/character-focussed fan fiction, just so that there would be someplace to find it. But I have too many other commitments, and also a depressing near-certainty that no one would ever submit anything to it if I did. :-/

Edited at 2010-05-06 07:55 pm (UTC)

The definitions change, but "Gen" usually means no explicit sex, or no mention of sexual relationships that aren't included in the canon. Stories also usually have ratings -- PG13, R, NC17, or "explicit" or "adult" etc to tell you if they have sex scenes and how explicit they are. There's actually quite a lot of fanfic that isn't porn. :)

And there you would be wrong because there are many gen ficcers out there looking for good places to gather. In fanfic jargon gen means that, while there may be sexual relationships in the background, they are not the focus of the story. I know a ton of great gen ficcers in the Buffy and Stargate Atlantis fandoms and I can find ones in Harry Potter although I don't read that fandom.

I'm not trying to convince you to start reading fanfic but if this is your preference there are many writers out there who would love to have you reading their stuff.

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