Martha Wells (marthawells) wrote,
Martha Wells

Hey, thank you to lwdagreat and anonymous for the milk and cookie virtual gifts on my profile!

I went to the police station this morning to get a copy of the police report from my accident (Unit #1 failed to control its speed and struck Unit #2 in the rear bumper with enough force to cause Unit #2 to strike Unit #3, Unit #3 then struck Unit #4, Unit #4 then struck Unit #5. I was Unit #4.) to tie things up with the insurance company. The police station has a duck pond next to it, and when I walked up to the door, two ducks were sitting right next to the door, leaving basically just enough clearance to open it. I guess people feed them there sometimes? They like the air conditioning that escapes through the door? It was very cute.

I noticed some people (including me) aren't getting their Live Journal comments emailed. So if you're bidding in the debsliverlovers auction, you might want to make sure you're not being outbid. And you should be bidding, because there are some truly awesome items going up for sale there.

And here's this neat article from Seattle: Local Boy with cancer turns into superhero for a day
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