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We went down to Galveston for a few days last week, and had a great time. (If you missed it, my post yesterday was about going to see Money, Marbles, and Chalk at the opera house.) We usually like to go swimming, but didn't this time because the water was still too cold, and the sea was very rough. (Right now the coastline is fine, but if Bastard Petroleum doesn't fix their fucking leak before too long, I don't know what will happen. I hope the Texas coast doesn't end up a dead wasteland like the coast from Alabama to Florida is going to.)

Our first morning there we walked out on the new paved top of one of the jetties. Troyce was standing out on the end, and I was about twenty feet back taking pictures. A wave broke over the end of the jetty and knocked him down. He was okay except for scraped knees, but that's when we decided swimming might not be such a great idea. There were also a lot of Portugese Man o' Wars washed up on the beach, so that was a little daunting.

The picture I think I was taking when Troyce got swamped behind me.

Waves coming up over the end of the jetty.

We also rode the Bolivar Ferry, and this is wreck we passed. There were tons of dolphins out, but the only picture I could get is just the tip of one fin. I either needed to have a faster camera, or be psychic enough to start taking the photo right before they started to surface.

Galveston is covered with Victorian houses that have survived multiple hurricanes. This is the one we're going to buy, if we had a whole big bunch of money and if it was actually for sale.

Or this one, ditto.

I'm still uploading pictures, so I'll post some more tomorrow.

Reminder about the books I have in various charity auctions: There's an autographed hardcover set of the Fall of Ile Rien trilogy in debsliverlovers. The bidding is currently at $75.00.

This a fandom auction to benefit Deb Mensinger and her wife, Laurie J. Marks. This auction is to raise money for the medical and incidental expenses related to Deb Mensinger's liver transplant. Deb and Laurie will have a number of expenses that are not covered by insurance, including the costs related to getting the potential live donor to Massachusetts for testing and, if all goes well, the surgery.

There are tons of fantastic items up for bid, including signed books, ARCs, original artwork prints by Terri Windling and Thomas Canty, fanfic, food, plants, knitting, boat tours, items from all different fandoms. They need to raise $10,000, and they're currently at $5000.


I also have autographed hardcover books up for auction in Brenda Novak's Online Auction for Diabetes Research

The Wizard Hunters
The Ships of Air
The Gate of Gods

These are going cheap right now! Two have bids of only $12.00. And even though the photos they have up are from the paperbacks, these are actually signed hardcovers.

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I got knocked down by a wave over a seawall once. Powerful stuff, that ocean. Still, we may manage to kill it.

I wonder if those man o' wars were killed by the oil...

Maybe, but Galveston and Padre Island have continual problems with jellyfish washing up on the beach or smacking into swimmers. I hope it's just the normal summer jellyfish and man-o-war attack. And I don't think we saw any after the first day, so it may just have been from a storm.

Unlikely, this time of year they come into the gulf in huge numbers.

They are dying off the coast of Florida to Alabama.

But these in Galveston are just natural die off and accidental beaching.

Yeah, I do remember seeing them down there before.

Great post and pics. I started calling them Bastard Petroleum too. Glad I'm not the only one.

Thanks! And I think I may have picked it up from you. :) It's better than the "Bad People" one I've been hearing.

I'm hoping we don't lose the coastline. That would be devastating on so many levels.

I wouldn't swim around man o' wars either. *shiver*

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