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I was making barbecued chicken last night, and when I used the meat thermometer on it, it kept registering only around 80-90 degrees. It should have been done, and I couldn't figure out what the hell was wrong, if the oven was broken...and finally realized the thermometer have been switched to centigrade. Doh.

Art site: Personal Project R&D very neat illustrations for Dune by Frank Herbert

I've been reading A Killing Frost by R. D. Wingfield. I loved the Frost books. (This is the last one, since Wingfield died of cancer in 2007.) Frost is a badly overworked DI and the epitome of the smartass underdog, and being a good detective doesn't mean he doesn't also screw up a lot. I like the fact that Frost solves cases not with brilliant leaps of deduction, but because he's smart and knows a huge amount about the town and the criminals, and who's done what and who's likely to do what. He also makes guesses, some of which are wrong. And he has to navigate an incredibly hostile work environment, since all his superiors hate him, and he does it with zero angst.

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I'm going to snag the first of the Frost books from Amazon; your description of them reminds me a =lot= of the Easy Rawlins books, and those are some of my favorite detective novels.

I thought it might be something you'd like. It's funny and gritty, and also a bit more realistic, since they don't get to concentrate on one case, but have to run around trying to work on robberies and missing people and everything else while trying to solve the murder.

I've got Frost at Christmas on the way from Amazon. I realized while I was there that I hadn't picked up the first Benjamin January book yet, so I got that too :-)

Cool, that's a great series! It's very tense and suspenseful, plus the historic background is incredibly detailed.

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Yes, I love that art. It reminds me of the cover of the old paperback edition of Dune.

I think you'd like the Frost books, too.

The thermometer sounds like something I would do. Only I probably wouldn't realize it until hours later.

I was lucky I noticed when I did, before I ruined the chicken.

I'm guessing you've already seen them, but I wanted to say that I really enjoy the Touch of Frost television adaptations with David Jason - similarly engaging, with a nice recurring cast. I've never read the books, though, so I might do so soon.

Yes, I enjoyed those a lot! I saw them when they first aired and then went looking for the books.

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