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Here's a couple of more airship links, to go with my airship primer post yesterday.

Airship Italia was a semi-rigid airship used by Italian engineer Umberto Nobile in his second series of flights around the North Pole. It also crashed.

British Pathe (AVIATION - AIRSHIP ITALIA IN ARCTIC & R 34 FLIGHT TO USA) video newsreel film


Yesterday, I caught Good Night and Good Luck again. I forgot what a fantastic movie that is. It's a gritty good vs. evil drama, the true story of how Edward R. Murrow of CBS brought down Senator Joseph McCarthy. I'd also forgotten that Robert Downey, Jr. was in it. Roger Ebert, in his Chicago Sun-Times review, contends that "the movie is not really about the abuses of McCarthy, but about the process by which Murrow and his team eventually brought about his downfall (some would say his self-destruction). It is like a morality play, from which we learn how journalists should behave. It shows Murrow as fearless, but not flawless."

If you liked the more recent Frost/Nixen, (another gritty good vs. evil battle), you might check it out.

ETA: Thinking about the Roger Ebert quote up there, I don't think I completely agree. I think the film shows that Murrow was very afraid at times, but that he was doing it anyway.
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