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Martha Wells

What's the perfect way to cap off Saturday of a Memorial Day Weekend? You probably aren't thinking "find out your plumbing is blocked when a drain overflows all over the patio." Yeah, I wasn't thrilled either. I really really hope it's just another Rotorooter issue. We've had more than a normal share of expensive stuff go wrong lately. It's been like "Next on This Old House" where the "old" means "crappy 60s house built by amateurs." The twelve-year-old hot tub also died earlier this month. It's probably going to be too expensive to fix, so right now we're just looking at having it hauled away.

The good thing was that we watching Pirate Radio which turned out to be an awesome little movie. It's different from Richard Curtis' other movies in that there's no plot, it's mostly about the people and the time and the music, but it's hilarious and touching. The forty-five minutes of deleted scenes on the DVD were pretty awesome too. There's scenes of the characters attacking a rival pirate radio station, going to Abbey Road, dancing in a bar in Guatemala.


One last charity auction:

I have autographed hardcover books up for auction in Brenda Novak's Online Auction for Diabetes Research (The Wizard Hunters, The Ships of Air, The Gate of Gods) and the auction will be over tomorrow. These are going cheap and two have bids of only $12.00. And even though the photos they have up are from the paperbacks, these are actually signed hardcovers.

My agent Jennifer Jackson also has an offer there to evaluate a novel proposal. That one ends today.
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