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Meme gacked from arkessian:

Sandra McDonald's periodic table of women in science fiction...annotated

Bold the women by whom you own books
Italicize those by whom you've read something of (short stories count)(I've also counted non-fiction, or works edited by the individual))
Star those of whom you've never heard
(I left the text plain where I had heard of the writer but I don't think I've read anything by her)

Andre Norton
C. L. Moore
Evangeline Walton
Leigh Brackett
Judith Merril
Joanna Russ
Margaret St. Clair*
Katherine MacLean*
Carol Emshwiller
Marion Zimmer Bradley
Zenna Henderson
Madeline L’Engle
Angela Carter
Ursula LeGuin
Anne McCaffrey
Diana Wynne Jones
Kit Reed
James Tiptree, Jr.
Rachel Pollack*
Jane Yolen
Marta Randall
Eleanor Arnason
Ellen Asher
Patricia A. McKillip
Suzy McKee Charnas
Lisa Tuttle
Nina Kiriki Hoffman
Tanith Lee
Pamela Sargeant
Jayge Carr
Vonda McIntyre
Octavia E. Butler
Kate Wilhelm
Chelsea Quinn Yarbro
Sheila Finch
Mary Gentle
Jessia Amanda Salmonson
C. J. Cherryh
Joan D. Vinge
Teresa Nielsen Hayden
Ellen Kushner
Ellen Datlow
Nancy Kress
Pat Murphy
Lisa Goldstein
Elizabeth Ann Scarborough
Mary Turzillo
Connie Willis
Barbara Hambly
Nancy Holder
Sheri S. Tepper
Melissa Scott
Margaret Atwood
Lois McMaster Bujold
Jeanne Cavelos
Karen Joy Fowler
Leigh Kennedy
Judith Moffett
Rebecca Ore
Emma Bull
Pat Cadigan
Kathyrn Cramer
Laura Mixon
Eileen Gunn
Elizabeth Hand
Kij Johnson
Delia Sherman
Elizabeth Moon
Michaela Roessner
Terri Windling
Sharon Lee
Sherwood Smith
Katherine Kurtz
Margo Lanagan*
Laura Resnick
Kristine Kathryn Rusch
Sheila Williams
Farah Mendlesohn*
Gwyneth Jones
Ardath Mayhar
Esther Friesner
Debra Doyle
Nicola Griffith
Amy Thomson
Martha Wells <- Me!
Catherine Asaro
Kate Elliott
Kathleen Ann Goonan
Shawna McCarthy
Caitlin Kiernan
Maureen McHugh
Cheryl Morgan
Nisi Shawl
Mary Doria Russell
Kage Baker
Kelly Link
Nancy Springer
J. K. Rowling
Nalo Hopkinson
Ellen Klages
Tanarive Due
M. Rickert
Theodora Goss*
Mary Anne Mohanraj
S. L. Viehl
Jo Walton
Kristine Smith
Deborah Layne*
Cherie Priest
Wen Spencer
K. J. Bishop
Catherynne M. Valente
Elizabeth Bear
Ekaterina Sedia
Naomi Novik
Mary Robinette Kowal
Ann VanderMeer

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Not the exact list of writers as in the periodic table is it? It's great to add people, but sad to see some who were there aren't in it now.

ganked so much in any case :)

Who is missing? I'm looking at the pdf and this list seems to match it (transcribed top to bottom and left to right).

I didn't look at the pdf, but when I rewatched the slideshow/video and noticed Elisabeth Vornarburg (among the Canadian writers) and she's not on this list.

Didn't watch the video, but she seems not to have made it onto the pdf table (which includes a note that they couldn't fit everyone), so it looks like a difference stemming from the source materials rather than someone deciding to change the list for the meme. Fwiw.

There were people on the video who weren't on the actual chart. There was a note on the video that the chart wasn't big enough to list everyone. I didn't eliminate or add anyone to the list above.

I didn't think you had :)
too bad they couldn't have put everyone from the video on the chart.

ETA: and I apologize for possibly leading you to think I was accusing you of removing or adding names to the list. That wasn't my intention at all.

Edited at 2010-06-04 04:57 pm (UTC)

No, that's all right, and I'm sorry if I sounded snappy. I just got back from having dental work done and I'm still a little tense.

You didn't, I was just feeling guilty :)

ouch, I can relate. Hope you feel better soon.

All hail Aggiecon, at which I met both Mayhar and Butler. And when I was there, at least, a large percentage of the members and officers were women, so I never got the sense that I was an outlier. Fandom, for me, has always included women and people of color.

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