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Just finished Perchance to Dream by lisamantchev. This is the sequel to Eyes Like Stars, where Beatrice and the others have escaped the theater and are searching for Nate, who has been taken away by the Sea Goddess. Beatrice still has the ability to shift reality by rewriting it, and the trick is for her to do it without getting them all killed. If you're looking for original fantasy YA with a strong female protagonist, this is perfect.

I've just started Boneshaker by Cherie Priest, and am really enjoying it so far. And speaking of awesome airships done right, she has a related novella coming out with a kick-ass air-pirate cover.


Juliet McKenna linked to a fantasy writing contest.

Someone on Facebook linked to this incredible gallery of animal photography.

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I got mad at Perchance to Dream halfway through when Nate got sent offstage as a goad to Beatrice...probably unreasonable of me. I like the book other than that, it's great writing and a super engaging world, but I really lost interest for a while after Nate's disappearance from the narrative.

Those wildlife photographs are AMAZING.

That didn't bother me, because I originally wasn't expecting him to be in the book very much until the end. And I did like the ending a lot.

Yes, those photos are reminding me why I like b&w photography so much. And the long landscape shots are just otherworldly.

Yeah, I kinda figure my objection re Nate is somewhat idiosyncratic to me.

Boneshaker is fun, btw, a good read.

I loved Boneshaker - it hit a really nice balance between being grim enough to make it stand out from the cliché upbeat, guaranteed-a-happy-ending fantasy adventure, while never becoming as over-the-top depressing as, say China Miéville's books tend to be (I do like Miéville's writing a lot, but sometimes it's nice to read a book that doesn't make you want to slit your wrists by the end of it). And it was particularly nice to have a middle-aged (well, almost middle-aged) mom as the heroine - so often, parents only appear in fantasy as background figures.

And yes, the animal photo gallery is awesome. Will definitely share that link!

If you like fantasy where someone can rewrite reality with his pen and paper, may I recommend the shoujo anime Princess Tutu, which not only has a duck protagonist, but is set in a ballet mad pseudo-European town under the influence of a supposedly dead storyteller.

Exquisit! If you're one of the persons like me who don't mind spoilers when picking their choice of viewing, can I just recommend this video (the music isn't like that at all in the anime, it's mostly classical ballet music, with some lovely quiet contemporary songs by Ritsuko Okazaki).

Spoilerfree - the anime opening:

Katherine Eliska Kimbriel at BVC really loved it, too.
ANIME REVIEW — Princess Tutu with spoilers

Having now looked at the gallery, I think the b&w is so incredibly good at leading the eye towards the textures of things, it usually is overwhelmed with the colour palette.

Oh good - have ordered Perchance to Dream and it's lovely to hear you liked it so much.

Those photos are stunning!

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