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Terri Windling's blog: Big Painting Sale 'm trying to raise money for a family member in financial distress (due to medical costs and related complications) and I'm having a big half-price sale of paintings like the one above. She's also having a half-price sale in her etsy shop.

From janni (Janni Lee Simner): Self-publishing, redux - I want to write the stories I most want to tell
- And I want those stories to be read

Better Than English a list of untranslatable words.

Juliette Wade: Becoming a Writer I wasn't going to feel like "a writer" just because I was writing. I needed to take a public stance - in a sense, to declare my identity as a writer within a community that would recognize me as one.

ETA: morning brain made me forget I was going to add this: I stole an idea from eldritchhobbit and did an author page on GoodReads. I'm still getting the hang of it and haven't done much with it yet.

I'm also on LibraryThing and Twitter.

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Thanks, I really appreciate that. :) But I just don't think I'd have enough readers willing to do that at this point. I haven't ruled it out yet, but I'm still hoping to get my new books published in the traditional way, as print editions that get carried by bookstores and as ebooks.

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