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I missed the new version of Murder on the Orient Express that aired this weekend, but was able to catch up on it on the PBS website. (It does actually have the full episodes available for viewing, at least for ten days after they air, though it tries to fob you off with 30 second promos. Just continue to coax, massage, and wrestle with the web site until it coughs up the episode you want to see.)

It was an excellent version of the story, and if you saw the David Suchet on the Orient Express special, you knew that set was as much like the actual train car that Christie traveled in as physically possible. (Including the little candle holders that look like they're at just the right height to set your head on fire as you walk past.)

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I liked the sadness...

That new PBS script gave Poirot reasons to see that law without mercy is oppressive. That the law can be subverted so isn't this pure beacon he'd served all his life. They showed his experiences with the suicided officer, the stoning of the unfaithful wife (why wasn't her LOVER stoned??). He was so sad at the end that he had to give an untruthful resolution of the murder. But you saw why he could change his deep commitment to the law. Nicely done!

Re: I liked the sadness...

Yes, I liked the way they did that a lot. It really upped the intensity in his characterization.

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