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Thanks to everyone who filled out the poll yesterday. B was a clear winner, but I still kind of like D better. We'll see. It's hard for me to look at and pick out pictures of myself, because in my head I look pretty much like Nanny McPhee, but without the Emma Thompson part.

I took the Prius in this morning to get its inspection and oil change and everything, so I'm driving the elderly Ford F150 truck we inherited from morfin's father years and years ago. I feel like I need a ladder to get into it, and it's like driving the Queen Mary.


Bowllan's Blog: Writers Against Racism: Cynthia Leitich Smith Other than a third-grade report I did on Sacagawea, I don’t remember a single reference to Native people in the classroom. We simply didn’t exist beyond Thanksgiving decorations.

Rachelle Gardner: Mythbusting There are always myths floating around in publishing, so today I'm going to try and explain just a few of them.

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Maybe it's just me, but I get a strong "Bitch, please" vibe from D. Not that that's a bad thing, mind you. I'm just sayin' :-)

LOL, that's probably why I like that one!

I liked D (and C) too, but I thought that depending on how small the picture ends up being on the cover, maybe a close-up would be better?

I think I also like D because it's not a close-up, but yeah, a close-up would probably be better.

(Deleted comment)
B does look more like an author photo.

I liked both, but picked B because it's a little closer, the light is a bit better, and it doesn't suffer from the possible white-on-white problem. Have you tried looking at them both in black-and-white?

Nanny McPhee? Really? Are you nuts? If you reverse that to Emma without Nanny, you'd be a lot closer. ;)

I've got black and white copies too, and they both look pretty good.

I have body dismorphic thingy (like most of the other people in world). :)

Missed the poll yesterday, but I like D. You have attitude & personality in D. On the other hand, mahoni may be right about the close-up thing.

And may I just say you are much prettier than I remember from your last author photo?

Thanks :) I think a lot of people didn't like the one I used on my first couple of books.

The first time I read one of your books was, oh, more than ten years ago, and I don't have a memory of an author photo of you that wasn't pretty. Not that I don't believe you — really, I have no memory of seeing an author photo of you until some time in the past few years. But, er. Still. ;)

Actually, while I was doing the "woo more Martha Wells books are coming out" happy dance (I told you I would!) the other day, my boyfriend asked me what you look like, and I said, "Pretty! And nongeneric. With nice wavyish hair, at least in the photos I've seen."

And then I showed him, and he agreed. So while indeed you aren't Emma Thompson, you are your own kind of pretty. Just sayin'.

Thanks, you guys are making me blush. :)

In anticipation of your new book, I was thinking about some of the others yesterday. And the opening scene of The Wizard Hunters, where Tremaine is trying to figure out how to commit suicide in a very practical manner, is just lovely. It's one of my favorite starts to a book. I can hardly wait to find out how the new one starts.

Thanks! I'm pretty happy with the first chapter of The Cloud Roads. I don't think it has as good a first page hook as Wizard Hunters, but I've read the first chapter at a few cons and it always seems to get a really positive reaction.

I chose C partlyy because you had a slight smile in that one. You have such a pretty smile.

Doh! I missed the poll. I actually agree with you that D is better than B, but ... whatever. I don't count, 'cause I missed the poll! Right? ;)

I picked D! But they were all nice.

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