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Brief update on my life: Got the car back, which is a big relief. Still cranking away on the new book. It's really hot here.


This is pretty awesome: Rare Star Wars Photos production shots, rare stills, unused publicity photos, goofing around on the set photos. It's a whole new glimpse into the world that was so important to my childhood.

From the Black Gate Blog: Shira Lipkin Blogathon and Auction for Boston Area Rape Crisis Center

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... and going to get hotter and remain that way though at least the next 10 days according to this AM's weather report. 6-7 straight days of 100+ temps here in N. Texas? Time to immigrate to OR or WA.

So glad you got the car back. Happy writing! I'm sending cool thoughts your way.

Thank you for sharing those Star Wars Production shots they are amazing and make me very nostalgic. Also belated congrats on your new books being sold!!

Those shots are incredible. I was a huge SW fan in high school, college, and afterward, and I would have loved these so much back then.

And thanks! :)

It's really hot here, too. I'm tired of this now. Can we have winter again?

Glad you are carred again!

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